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Support the Binghamton Downtown Singers
Our effort to open all of our performances to the public for little or no cost often inhibits us to make enough money to cover our performance expenses. We rely on sponsors and grants given to us by local businesses and sponsors of the arts. You can help too. If you wish to donate using a credit card, please consider a donation here, or to one of our directed memorial funds below.  If you prefer to donate with a check, please mail the check to this address and indicate in the memo if you wish your donation to go to the general fund or to one of our directed memorial funds lower on this page:
Binghamton Downtown Singers 
PO Box 1143
Binghamton NY 13902-1143

We have four donation levels:

  • Special Contributor: Granted for a donation of $500.
  • Benefactor: Granted for a donation of $250.
  • Patron : Granted for a donation of $100.
  • Friend : Granted for a donation of any amount under $100.
We are a 501(c)(3) compliant, not-for-profit organization, and welcome donations, no matter how large or small; all donation are tax-dedutctable. Thank you for your generosity!
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The Michael P. Sopchak Memorial Fund to support soloists costs

During his many years of membership, Michael Sopchak held an honored place as the spiritual heart and soul of the Downtown Singers. His wonderful good nature and natural charm brought warmth and quick smiles to all who knew him. As our “Poet Laureate”, Mike was known for his sprightly humor and quick wit; his writings and personae brought a fresh beauty and meaning to the choral experience.

Michael always took a particular interest in the soloists who highlight the group’s concerts. The participation of accomplished soloists is an inspiration to the Singers and has the effect of lifting our performances as a whole to the highest possible level. It was for the purpose of supporting continued inclusion of such inspirational soloists that the Michael P. Sopchak Memorial Fund was established.

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The Larry G. Denniston Legacy Fund to support spring concerts

Musically gifted, intelligent, perpetually self-effacing, and always in touch with the spirit in which the chorus was born, Larry Denniston was the very soul of the Downtown Singers.

His grace and calm, thoughtful, caring nature was a steady hand in the governance of the choir right from its very creation. As Alan Crabb’s right-hand, Larry was always the one he would ask “How does it sound?” and “Can we afford that?”

Larry’s commitment to the choir was every bit as deep and abiding as Alan’s, and although he loved singing the Messiah each year, it was the breadth and depth of the works of our Spring Concerts that he took a special interest in, for, as Alan always stated “the Spring Concerts are where we have the opportunity to stretch and grow ourselves musically”. So it is for the purpose of ensuring the continuation of the legacy of that musical growth through annual Spring Concerts that the Larry G. Denniston Legacy Fund has been established.

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