Choir Grows with New Members

Type of post: Choir news item
Sub-type: Public Choir News Item
Posted By: Randy Pope
Status: Current
Date Posted: Thu, Nov 17 2022
We are excited to be able to make many Covid-related requirements now optional for our rehearsals and performances. As a result, we are seeing our singers return in force for our 40th year.  But the more exciting news is that we are seeing a large growth in first-time singers.  They comprise 10% of our current chorus!  New singers have joined each section, and they are excited to sing with us, and to sing the Messiah. 

Here's what some of our new members have to say about joining the choir:

"My mom used to bring me to rehearsals when I was just a baby. Then I started singing The Messiah when I was 9. The DT Singers have been my extended family. This group raised me; giving me love, and a world class music education. I've learned the importance of listening to my neighbors and the importance of my own voice."

"I'm excited to be a part of the Singers; this experience has been like no other musical endeavor I've embarked upon. I'm meeting wonderful people and learning new music at the same time. I'm so blessed to be carrying on this amazing local legacy and I hope my voice, joined with the rest of the Singers, can honor the memory of those who are no longer with us."

"For many years I dreamed of singing the Messiah but had no training (not even in high school!) and thought it unlikely to happen. But with the encouragement of my eldest child I joined the DTS for the Messiah and learned so much. It's an enormous blessing to be part of such a talented and artistic group and I look forward to more seasons to come!"