Rehearsal Schedule

Dates: Sundays,
Sept. 17 to Dec. 10

Times: 7 - 9:30 PM
(We will start on time in order to leave on time.)

Location: Tabernacle United Methodist Church
83 Main Street
Binghamton, NY

Twitter Update:
Normal practice schedule.


New Members Welcome! Each year, we welcome you to join us early in the Fall (September) for the beginning of rehearsals for Handel's Messiah, and at the start of the year (January) for the beginning of Spring Concert rehearsals.

It might assist you to stay informed by using the "opt-in" notification for volunteers. If you are interested, visit the Email Notification page.

The philosophy of our group is to present musical productions of the highest level at a reasonable price to our audiences. In order to achieve this we rely on our volunteer membership to assist us in a few simple ways.


Do I need to audition?
No. All who come are welcome to sing with us.

NOTE: The Singers do ask that all, who are able to afford, donate $25 towards the cost of each performance. This is a request not an obligation. We do this to help us achieve one of our charter objectives of providing live choral presentations at a reasonable cost to our audiences. As we are a 501 (c)(3) certified non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible.

Support our Rehearsals

Please come to the rehearsals!

Performance Rehearsal Policy

The Binghamton Downtown Singers, Inc. (DTS) extend to every community member the opportunity to participate in their performances without the need to audition; all who desire to sing are welcome. Because of this, the make-up of each year’s chorus is constantly changing, with a wide range of experience, musical talent and capabilities. We require only one thing of those who would sing with us; that you put forth your best effort. This includes attending rehearsals.

There will be 22 regular Sunday rehearsals at Tabernacle United Methodist Church, beginning Jan 15th through June 4th. If one of these needs to be cancelled, a makeup rehearsal will be scheduled during a weekday evening. The Artistic Director needs to know if you are planning on missing more than a couple of these rehearsals. It should be everyone's goal to attend the rehearsals so as to avoid taking time to repeat what has already been gone over; communication and maximum rehearsal attendance will make or break our performance.

Rehearsals will BEGIN PROMPTLY at 7:00 PM and will run until 9:15 PM, with a break around 8:20 PM; you should plan to attend the entire rehearsal. Because a rehearsal cancellation can occur for a variety of reasons, all Singers should adopt the practice of checking your e-mail and the Twitter feed on this page before leaving for a rehearsal. Additional supplemental rehearsals can be scheduled by the Artistic Director, as may be deemed necessary.

Thank you!

Board of Directors
Binghamton Downtown Singers, Inc.

Support our Performances

We rely heavily on our chorus membership to "get the word out" about our performances and to assist the performances financially and where possible. For each performance we ask our members to distribute posters, solicit advertising for our performance programme and/or donations from local businesses, and promote attendance through one-on-one ticket placement. We also ask all members who have the financial means to do so, to contribute $25.00 to help defray the cost of each seasonal production.

We emphasize that none of these requests are a prerequisite to participating in our performances.


You may have a question that was not answered on these pages. If so, please contact Mike Randolph, the President of the organization, to get your answer. You can use this address: