Larry Denniston Legacy Fund

This fund was established in memory of our beloved Founding Treasurer Larry G. Denniston, who passed away March 2016. Musically gifted, intelligent, perpetually self-effacing, and always in touch with the spirit in which the chorus was born, Larry Denniston was the very soul of the Downtown Singers. His grace and calm, thoughtful, caring nature was a steady hand in the governance of the choir right from its very creation.

Larry Denniston

What is the mission of the fund?
To build an endowment that supports the Downtown Singers annual Spring Concert presentations.

Larry's commitment to the choir was every bit as deep and abiding as that of our Founding Artistic Director, Alan Crabb, and while Larry loved singing the Messiah each year, it was the breadth and depth of the works performed in our Spring Concerts that he took a special interest in, for, as Alan always stated "the Spring Concerts are where we have the opportunity to stretch and grow ourselves musically". It is for the purpose of ensuring the legacy of our annual Spring Concerts that the Larry G. Denniston Legacy Fund has been established.

Contributions to the Larry G. Denniston Legacy Fund are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, may be made by check, included with this form, and mailed to:

Binghamton Downtown Singers, Inc.
P.O. Box 1143
Binghamton, NY 13902-1143
ATTN: Legacy Fund

The Singers thank you for your support in his name.