The Binghamton Downtown Singers, Inc. is a non-profit, section 501(c)(3) compliant organization. As such, we are able to receive tax-deductible donations--as a matter of fact, we encourage them!

There are four established donation levels of honor. We appreciate any amount you donate to our worthy organization. Here are the details:

Though our situation is not unique, it is special. Our effort to open all of our performances to the public audience for little or no cost often inhibits us in making enough money to cover our performance expenses. We rely on sponsors and grants given to us by local businesses and sponsors of the arts. You can help too.

Do I have to use PayPal to donate?
You are not required to use the online PayPal Service in order to donate money to us. We are just as happy to recieve a check from you; for any amount you desire to donate. We contracted with PayPal merely as a method of convenience to our supporters.

We are in the process of establishing our financial accounts with the online PayPal Service to receive donations. We will set up a number of easy to use donation amount options. We are also considering putting together a "gift donation" system as well--this would allow donations in someone else's name; and that person would receive some form of recognition from the Singers.

If you are interested in donating now, please consider sending us a check, along with this form, to the following address:

Binghamton Downtown Singers, Inc.
P.O. Box 1143
Binghamton, NY 13902-1143
ATTN: Donation Services

Above all, thanks for supporting us through your participation and attendance of our events! We wouldn't exist without you.

Advertisement Opportunities

As a non-profit, section 501(c)(3) compliant organization, we are able to sell advertisement space in our concert materials as tax-deductible donations.

If you are interested, download the programme advertisement form.